Black Reusable Lid

Size: 10oz & 20oz


Inspired by popular reusable cups you find at the biggest festivals, our FESTICUP line will perfectly fit all kinds of events.


Stiff and washable, this reusable black lid will let you use our FESTICUP 10oz or our FESTICUP 20oz with hot beverages. Time to switch to reusable with your favourite coffee!


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Polypropylene (♷) – 100% recyclable – BPA free

Washable & dishwasher safe

FESTITOP 10 oz Diameter: 75mm
Weight: 10g

FESTITOP 20 oz Diameter: 85mm
Weight: 14g


500 lids/box
Weight: 7g (15lbs)
Delivery under 3 days

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10oz, 12oz, 20oz


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