Recycle Program

Cupko is the first Reusable Products Company to offer a complete Program of Recycling.

The 2nd Loop.

Since 2019, Cupko supply reusable cups, bottles and containers to any organization who wants to make the switch from disposable ones.

The company choose to follow a circular business model based on 2 loop and to make a real social impact in the way to consume:

1st Loop: Extend the product's life cycle by washing them again & again!

2nd Loop: Recycle our products and Give them a new life!

Give our planet a better future when you start Reusing before Recycling!

How it works?

Our business model is based on the circular economy concept and that's the reason why we need your old cups!

We give you a $0.05/cup credit on your next order!

Give your old cups a new life!