Reuse Before Recycle

Learn more about why it’s important to switch to reusable products and how you can set it up easily.

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Why use Reusable Products?

When you switch to reusable product, you’re making a big step for our planet!

By being reusable and washable our products live longer, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills or even recycling yards.

For example, we work with an event that previously had been used around 100,000 disposable cups. By using our products and washing them, they only needed 20,000 reusable cups!

Furthermore, the quality is so much better!
A stiffer customized cup (or bottle) will really improve the experience for your customers and give them the chance to keep a souvenir of your event!

Give your event a lower carbon footprint!

With reusable products you eliminate singe-use containers (water bottles, cans, disposable cups...) on your event. That means you'll substantially reduce your waste and avoid landfill.

By charging a small deposit on each cup, you give it a value. Then they will take care of it and bring it back to collect their deposit. It will save you a lot of time on clean up the site and garbage sorting.

An Eco-friendly & Useful Marketing Solution.

Using our customizable and reusable products will redefine your green marketing strategy and get you to notice. 
Furthermore, your customer will be able to keep a great souvenir from your event and then reuse it at home with the kids, at camping or even for a picnic at the park!

There's no limit to Reuse!

How to set up reusable products?

There are many ways to integrate reusable products to your event. You can choose them here or find your own way too. Feel free to share with us your ideas or questions.

Refundable Deposit

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Part of the ticket price

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Donation system

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Switch to reusable products today.