To print your orders we use a rotating silkscreen technology.
All is made here in Canada!

We need to print one colour then another (extra-fees may be applicable).

  • We receive your vector art
  • We set up the screen
  • We select the right color
  • We print the quantity ordered
  • We ship your order

Select up to 3 colours on your design.

Be stylish and let your customized cup/bottle pop with your hand-picked colours! Simply send us your PMS code or choose from our colour chart.

Proudly print here in Canada!


You’ll find the right template for all products on each product's page or here.

Quality files for quality products.

Please note:We ONLY accept vector files (.ai / .eps / .psd).       
We do NOT accept .jpg or .gif files.
Colour gradients will NOT be printable.

Pre-Production Artproof: When you receive our PDF artproof by email, it is the client's duty to check the text and design to ensure all is correct.Your approval is our authorization to start the production of your order and releases us from all responsibilities

PDF proofs are optimized for reading on a computer.

Ready to customize your own?