The $2 deposit system

The $2 deposit system

I will detail here one example of a system you can set up at your events, and why this one is the most used by the biggest festivals in the world.


The $2 Refundable Deposit

First of all, make sure your bar staff is well trained on how it works. Here’s a quick reminder:



Each cup gets a value of $2.

The customer pays a $2 deposit and the drink.

He brings it back and gets $2 refunded OR keeps the cup as a souvenir.


Then during the event, the party continues and when a customer comes for a new drink you have 2 options:

  • If there’s no lineup, you’ll have time to Refill the same cup.
  • No time for that? Exchange your empty cup for a new one already filled.



At the end of the event, people will make a choice between keeping the cup as a souvenir or bringing it back to get their $2 deposit back.

Again, there are 2 ways to do it:

-You receive the returned cups at the same bar, as usual.

-You create an independent station specifically for people returning their cups.

Simple as that!


Let me explain a few more benefits about the $2 deposit set up:

+No more single-use cups used.

+By giving worth to your cups, people will care about it. That means no more disposable cups or cans littering on your site. You’ll also save up to 80% on your clean up costs!

+You’ll help preserve our planet by reducing the environmental footprint of your event.

+It’s a great ecological marketing tool for your sponsors since people bring them home!

+By using a branded cup and a better quality cup you’ll improve the customer experience.

+Customers get to keep an eco-friendly, and cool, souvenir from your festival for only $2.

+You have the opportunity to earn extra money.


So, there you have it, the first option to use reusable cups and products on your event.

Next week, I’ll show you another way to be part of the change!