Included in the ticket price

Included in the ticket price

As we saw last week, you can use reusable cups in your event by adding a $2 deposit system.

Today, I’ll show you another way to integrate reusable cups and bottles in your event operations.

We call this plan the “All Included” system. You’ll usually find it on Beerfest (see video below at the Ottawa Winter Brewfest), Cocktail fest or other tasting events.

It’s very simple to set it up and as an event planner you just need to have a good handle on your costs:

Simply add the price of a single cup to the price of your entry ticket… No deposit to manage here!

But PLEASE, add several bins near the exits to collect the used cups that your guests don’t want to keep. We’ll wash them for you!

Here are the benefits and disadvantages of this strategy:

Benefits (+)

    1. No deposit to manage
    2. Very simple to set up
    3. Costs are covered within tickets
    4. Great marketing tool for your sponsors
    5. People will keep them as souvenirs

Disadvantages (-)

    1. You’ll have to pick up dirty cups at the ends of the fest
    2. You can’t make so much extra money as you’re limited by the ticket’s price

We’ll show you a third way to switch to reusable cups next week.

Stay tuned.