O'land Stations

Add a water station to your event that brings value back to an infrastructure once forgotten, and do it for the good of our planet.
The Green Stop water station

Easy to Install.

30-Minute setup on any flat surface.

360-Degree access.

6 Taps to help to reduce line-ups.

Fast and Unique.

Refill your bottle in 5 seconds.

Dreamed of in California, Born in Montreal.

Our mission is to reduce and eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles at large outdoor events, where existing infrastructure is limited to serve large crowds.

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Woman drinking in front of water station
Woman drinking in front of water station

Not only to hydrate you, but to inspire you.

Activate sponsors and event-goers to join the movement of making events single-use-plastic-free. Customized artwork and sponsorship branding will turn your station into more than just water - providing revenue for your event.

It showcases your event’s environmental responsibility - making it cool to bring your own bottle and refill it (proudly part of #byobottle mouvement).

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What your rental includes.

The O'land Station is a 9ft by 4ft structure with 6 taps. 360-degree access and branding space - even aerial using the umbrella. The water station is portable and only needs a flat surface and 30-minutes to set up.

Requires a connection to a safe drinking water source. Don’t worry, if municipal water is not fully safe for drinking, we can include filters at a minimal cost. It is self-operating and requires no staff to operate.

The best thing is you can refill your bottle in as little as 5 seconds! 

These stations are ideal for high-volume events and help to reduce line-ups and congestion

More time to party while staying well hydrated! 

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