O'land Stations

Water stations for bottle filling and hand washing.
The Green Stop water station

Easy to Install.

Plug-n-Play plumbing makes it easy to connect.

360-Degree access.

Six multi-user taps manage large crowds of people and to reduce line-ups.

Brand your Station

An ideal advertising space for sponsorship opportunities.

Dreamed of in California, Born in Montreal.

Our mission is to reduce and eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles at large outdoor events, where existing infrastructure is limited to serve large crowds.

Woman drinking in front of water station

Units available for Rent or for Sale.

Rent for indoor or outdoor events or own your station made to last and be reused over and over.

Service and maintenance packages available for those worried about maintenance, lack of personnel, and branding and marketing touch-ups.

Why the partnership?

'' Working with a reusable cup-sharing system like Cupko makes a perfect collaboration to build together a more circular economy for easier adoption by our clients at large venues and events.''

Rachel Labbé-Bellas, Founder of O'land 

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