Need to reuse your cups after your event?
Cupko cup washing service

$0.25 each

Under 1000 cups

$0.20 each

Until 5000 cups

$0.15 each

More than 5000 cups

A professional and ecological service

We’re washing your cups with our commercial dishwasher and we’re using the best biodegradable detergent. As we’re taking care of the water we use and our impact on the environment, we reduce the washing cycle to 17 seconds and using 3cl of water per cups.  

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We provide you the solution.

Our facilities are based in South-West Toronto and we offer our washing service in all GTA Area.

Pouring drink into a Cupko reusable cup

If your outside the GTA area, feel free to connect with us to find a way to serve you.

Need your cups washed?

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