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Switch to reusable cups for your next event in the GTA!  
DreamZero reusable cups

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Reduce waste. Save cash. 

With the rental program of our partner DreamZero, you can easily add a green touch to your event. More flexible and faster than a customized product, it gives you a chance to make a difference too and to avoid single-use products.

We service all types of events including: Festivals, Venues, Conferences and Sports Events.

Available everywhere in the GTA!


Add a green touch. 

We have a variety of products, including: Cups, Mugs, Food Containers.

Cups sizes available: 10oz - 12oz - 16oz - 20oz


If you are fundraising, some of our customers that have initiated the “Cups For Donation” system are collecting approximately 75% of all deposits for their good causes. 


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