O'land Stations

Water stations for bottle filling.

Easy to Install.

Plug-n-Play plumbing makes it easy to connect.

360-Degree access.

Six multi-user taps manage large crowds of people and to reduce line-ups.

Brand your Station

An ideal advertising space for sponsorship opportunities.

Born in Montreal

Dreamed of in California

Our mission is to reduce and eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles at large outdoor events, where existing infrastructure is limited to serve large crowds.

Purchasing Options.

Long term leasing: 30, 60 or 90 days and annual terms up to 48 month

Purchase: Order a unit and receive it as fast as 4-6 weeks.

Short Term Rental: daily, weekend or weekly rentals

Why the partnership?

''Working with a reusable cup-sharing system like Cupko makes a perfect collaboration to build together a more circular economy for easier adoption by our clients at large venues and events.''

Rachel Labbé-Bellas, Founder of O'land

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